Arrow Scientific has a new range of Multi-Organism Certified Reference Materials [CRM] on offer which are easy to use, economical, reliable and precise.
From the one source of CRM, you can now test a wide range of plates including:

  • Total Aerobic Count
  • Total Coliform Count
  • E.coli Count
  • Enterobacteriaceae Count
  • Staphylococcus aureus Count
  • Yeast Count or
  • Mould Count

The new range of Multi-Organism CRMs contrast with traditional microbiological test methods, which, have are time consuming and provide less than reliable results.

The new micrógel Multi-Organism CRM’s are water soluble discs that contain viable microorganisms at known levels, designed to produce 80 - 120 CFU per inoculum.

Useful for those with NATA accreditation is a detailed Certificate of Analysis listing matrix specific value assignment and estimated acceptance limits at 95% CI and 99% CI.

A ‘cocktail’ of organisms have been blended into the one disc to yield counts approximately at the mid-point of typical re-hydratable film methods without requiring any dilutions.

These QC bacteria have been certified and validated for a range of different Petrifilm test plates in ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.

This unique, rigorous approach to certification yields defensible quantitative data specific to a company's method and sample type.

Labs using PCR or other rapid methods for pathogens can also use this product.

NCTC cultures are used in the production of the Multi-Organism CRM product range and are no more than 5 passages from the primary culture.

The micrógel CRM’s are manufactured under an ISO-Guide 34 Accredited QA System and certified using approved food testing methods in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

All micrógel Multi-Organism CRM’s are supplied as a kit which includes the required culture, hydration buffer which suit most food matrices and instructions for use. Each batch is issued with a certificate of analysis documenting the traceability of the culture, assigned values and acceptance limits which are determined by homogeneity results.

 Order before 30/10/2015 and receive a 20% discount (for your first order only) 

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