ROI Least Cost Formulation

Optimisation software for formulating high value inventory raw materials and scheduling applications.
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ROI Formulation System The ROI Formulation System enables you to optimize all phases of product formulation - from product mix selection, through procurement of raw materials for production, allocation of individual lots to production, and the correction of individual batches or blends.  

The system reduces costs while maintaining consistent product quality and composition. Typical savings are 1-5% of formulation costs.  

Least Cost Recipes

For any formulation decision there may be numerous different recipes that satisfy formula requirements such as composition, quality, acceptable ingredients for a formula, utilization of existing ingredient inventory, and the availability of ingredients. However, only one formulation will be least-cost!  

The ROI Formulation System evaluates all of the requirements of each formula and determines the least-cost recipe that will meet these requirements for each formula solved. Solutions are presented in forms and reports appropriate for the problem solved. 

The ROI Formulation System modules enable you to reduce materials costs and improve materials management by optimally purchasing and allocating ingredients to formulas through all phases of formulation.  In each step, incremental savings are generated while insuring compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

ROI's Advanced Modules introduce a new era in formulation by optimizing all phases of the formulation process!   

Basic Modules:  

Single Product:  Generate the minimum cost recipe for a single formula while complying with all quality and regulatory requirements.

Sequential Single Product: Formulate a series of single product formulas in sequence, relieving inventory used by each batch.

Multi Product: Optimally allocate materials across multiple formulas in a single time frame. Consider limited availability and forced-use ingredients across multiple products and production quantities.

Blend Correction: Quickly and easily generate the minimum cost composition correction for individual batches.   

Advanced Modules:  

Production Planning:  Optimally allocate materials to production periods.  Consider production requirements by product, by period, and the availability and expiration dates of materials. Procurement

Planning: Consider multiple vendors, available inventories, ingredient prices and specifications, truckload quantities, and shipping costs to optimally formulate products over multiple periods (typically days). Lot

Allocation: Optimally allocate and sequence individual lots of materials to a series of batches across multiple production lines. Optimize the assembly of products at specific times throughout a day or shift while preventing “splitting” of lots.

Profit Planning: Compute the maximum profit mix of products to make based on forecast materials costs and availabilities over multiple periods (typically months) while considering forecast market demands and prices for finished products.  


ROI Product Development

The ROI Product Development System creates new recipes to finished specifications in seconds. Developers can formulate multi-level products in a single computation. The system solves for such criteria as calories and grams of fat, as well as product composition and appearance. Process changes can also be calculated. 

The ROI Product Development System can be used for formulating any multi-component food product, that is, any product containing multiple sub-products such as a cookie with an icing and nuts. Specifications can be set for the finished product as well as for any sub-product.  


ROI Stock Management System

The ROI Stock Management System solves the integrated sales-procurement-production problem to maximum profit. The system determines the optimal quantities of ingredients to purchase and the quantities of products to manufacture.

The system can be used to manage inventory in most any type of business. Common applications include the following:

              Livestock procurement and profit maximization

              Vegetable inventory profit maximization

              Fruit inventory profit maximization.  


ROI applications are off-the-shelf systems that solve common business problems including formulation, product development, stock management, and manufacturing/distribution planning. 

ROI systems have three features designed to ensure generating savings in most any inventory or scheduling application:

Power: ROI systems have the power to solve large and complex problems optimally.

Ease of Use: ROI software is Windows compliant and network ready and includes systems and integration features expected in today's software.

Support: ROI strives to see its customers obtain the full potential savings of the ROI technology in their operations.   


Evaluating ROI Products:

Savings generated utilising the ROI systems are generally 3% of the amount optimised, nearly always 1%, and often 5% or more. 

A great feature of the ROI software products is that the savings generated by the software are measurable. This enables taking simple data and determining exactly the savings opportunity for your company.


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