Test Sieves

W.S. Tyler Test Sieves for particle analysis.
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Standard Test Sieve diameters include 3″, 8″, 200mm and 300mm. Special application products are available in 6″, 10″ and 18″ diameters and include Air Jet and Wet Teset designs. All W.S. Tyler Test Sieves are fabricated in brass and durable stainless steel. Consistent repetable analysis is assured by using premiium quality sieve cloth with very tight tolerances. Standard openings per international specifications range from 20µm (micron) to  5″ (125mm).

  • Test Sieves confirm to the current ASTM E11-09 and ISO 565, 3310-1 standards.
  • Test Sieve are supplied with a unique serial number and supporting documentation.
  • Test Sieves are availale in three grades:
    Standard: Supplied with a Certificate of Compliance. Equal to ASTM E11-09 Compliance Sieve
    Certified: Supplied with NIST traceable histogram. Equal to ASTM E11-09 Inspection Sieve. Contact us for more information
    Certified-PLUS: Supplied with NIST traceable histogram. Equal to ASTM E11-09 Calibration Sieve. Please contact us for more information

 Click here to watch the video: How to Perform a Test Sieve Analysis.



Special Application Test Sieves:

  • Air Jet Sieves (200mm diameter): For use in a vacuum air jet system. Stainless Steel cloth and frame construction, 1-3/4" in height. This design is not to be used with a traditional sieve shaker.


  • Wet Wash / Deep Frame Sieve: For use in the cement industry where water is introduced to the test sample. 3", 8", and 12" diameters with drain holes in the sieve skirt for drainage. Brass frame and stainless steel cloth.


 Test Sieve Accessories:
Include stainless steel and brass sieve covers and pans, cleaning brushes and an ultrasonic test sieve cleaner.



Software now available which is simple, user-friendly, and spreadsheet formatted. Critical particle size distribution date is calculated automatically and displayed numerically and graphically.  





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