The Mixolab System measures real-time dough behavior with regard to the dual constraint of kneading and temperature.
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The Mixolab2 measures the consistency and characteristics of a 50 gram sample of flour to make a dough which is then subjected to the dual constraints of mixing and increasing temperatures.

From this the software analyzes the quality of protein and the starch.

The Mixolab complies with ICC 173, the AACC 54-60.01, AFNOR V03-764 and GOST P 54498-2011 standards for the determination of the rheological characteristics of flours and wholemeal.

The Mixolab2 offers:

  • Precise, automatic mixer temperature regulations (max: 90°C)
  • Robust, easy to clean, dual component aluminium / stainless steel mixer
  • Easy to remove water tank for simple, rapid cleaning
  • Water added automatically, rapidly and very precisely (± 0.02mL). Possibility to add water in different fractions (pump capacity: 75mL)
  • Full electronic calibration on all measurement points on the Chopin+ curve (temperature & torque) for greater analysis precision
  • Simple, comprehensive and intuitive software




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