Lupin was recently added to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand  list of allergens that must be declared on food labels with food businesses having until 25 May 2017 to ensure that they meet the allergen requirements.

This means that under the FSANZ Code there are 10 allergens to be declared on all food labels: peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, fish and shellfish, soy, wheat and now lupin. These ingredients must be declared on the food label whenever they are present as ingredients, as components of food additives or processing aids.

Lupins are common garden flowers. The legume seeds of some types of lupin can be ground into lupin flour which is often used in bread, pasta, cakes and pastries.

Although an allergy to lupin is quite rare, it does happen. In addition, some peanut allergic individuals may also react to lupin-containing food due to the botanical relationship between peanut and lupin.

The cross-contamination of food preparations during production processes is a practical reality. The food industry can now have sensitive lupin detection tests in order to protect allergic individuals from the fatal consequences of lupin intake.

Arrow Scientific has added Lupin to its extensive range of allergen test kits that can be used for testing ingredients, food contact surfaces and equipment or final products. Two versions are available, either measuring the level of allergen using a chemistry method and equipment or a simpler test that only takes about 10 minutes to perform without special equipment.

These kits will allow food manufacturers to now include a method to help ensure that they meet their label claims and avoid costly and market damaging recalls.

For further information relating to our AgraStrip Lupin Test Kits contact our Customer Service Department on (02) 9808 3735 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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