Finished cooking a BBQ? What do you do next to impress your guests? Cheese Racing of course.

Four friends at a campsite near Osmington in Dorset decided to hold an evening barbecue. Once the meal was over, 'their finely-honed analytical minds fortified by a combination of partially-cooked sausages, Stella Artois lager and Cockburn's Special Reserve Port' had an ingenious idea.


If a Kraft Single was placed on a red-hot barbecue, what would the result be?


They soon discovered that the seemingly-flimsy plastic packaging was more durable than it appeared. Although the wrapping was not harmed, the cheese inside was susceptible to the heat of the barbecue. It soon began to melt, boil, and then expand, thereby inflating the plastic packaging. A new sport was born.


Sceptical? The reason you do not get a lump of melted goo is the fact that the plastic wrap is typically made from polypropylene. This type of plastic does not melt until 160degC while processed cheese bubbles above 100degC.


Also, a property of propylene is that it sticks to itself when heated, this means the opening flap seals and the residual water in the cheese turns to steam.


So basically the single wrap of cheese becomes a sealed bag and the trapped steam from the cheese inflates it, puffing it up to look like a pillow.


Note, the plastic may start to decompose and so it would be unwise to eat the end result, tempting as it may look!


The Rules of Cheese Racing:


Cheese racing is a quite simple sport to understand. Just follow these steps for a successful game:

1. If you are going to cook a meal on the barbecue, do this first.

2. Once you've finished eating, all players should stand around the barbecue and place their Kraft Singles on the barbecue at the same time. Be careful not to overlap the cheese. If two Singles overlap, they must be moved as quickly as possible. Other than this, do not touch the cheese or blow/fan the flames under it.

3. The winner is determined based upon whose cheese inflates first. To be fully inflated, a cheese must demonstrate all of the following characteristics:

    a. All four corners of the cheese must be raised off the barbecue.

    b. The plastic must be taught, meaning that there are distinctive stretch marks on the sides.

    c. It must be in proper condition (no leaks or damage to the package).

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