Arrow Scientific was established 18 years ago by its Managing Director, Louis Petrin.

Before setting up Arrow Scientific, Louis had over 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Sterling Winthrop and Pfizer in regulatory affairs and clinical research. He was also the Business Development Manager in the listed company Medical Resources Ltd before setting up Arrow Scientific as a scientific equipment supplier.

Louis also has interests in other scientific supply company, Graintec Pty Ltd and in an Internet marketing company, Netergy Pty Ltd.

Louis Petrin is the Executive Chairman and a founding director of Australian medical device company Tuta Healthcare Pty Ltd, as well as the Executive Chairman and founding director of Tuta Health care International Co Ltd (Thailand). He was also one of the founders and a director of the critical medicine company, Phebra Pty Ltd. 

Louis is a member of the Association of Regulatory & Clinical Scientists (ARCS), was a Member of Board and Registrar and recipient of the inaugural “Osmond-Russell Scholarship” for further professional development. Other professional memberships include the Australian Institute of Management, Licensing Executives Society ANZ and the Statistical Society of Australia.  
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