Amazing Food Facts

For every 100 percent pure unadulterated honey product on the market today, there are several fake, impure ones. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to tell genuinely pure bee's honey from those that claim to be. Read on to learn a few simple ways to verify the purity of honey. More
Heinz has unveiled chocolate flavoured potato chips after the success of the company's green and purple ketchup. More
A Melbourne student has busted the schoolground ‘10-second rule’ of dropped food as a myth. According to the rule, food dropped on the floor or ground is edible if picked up within 10 seconds. But in bad news for hungry teenagers, Perry Reiter, 14, found that cooked chips dropped for even five seconds were contaminated, whether they fell on a vinyl floor or outside on concrete. More
Boiling water can be fascinating but they say a watched pot never boils. More
Sampling is a very complex issue. See if you can work this one out! More
Some things are not what they seem. Did you know the following facts? More
Compensation ensures that everyone is happy with their slice. More
Scientists have reportedly worked out a formula that will help people who are afraid to use chopsticks. Dr Qiang Zhao and Dr Jim Al-Khalili at the University of Surrey developed a formula that will "explain simply" how to use chopsticks. More
Forget penknives, the knitting needle, ballpoint pens and the brute force of your thumb. Only misery and mess result from using these methods. More
Many of us at some point in time of our eating experience have searched for that glass of water after eating chilli. But is it the best way to cool down? More
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