Educational material

Suggestions for using GlitterBug. GlitterBug products provide a valuable tool for teaching proper hand-hygiene techniques. Students have fun while learning about germs and proper hand washing and therefore remember the message.

Basic information for handling food safely. More
Microbiology involves working with bacteria that are too small to see in normal circumstances. As a result, special techniques, methods and apparatus are usually required. In particular, special agar gel substrates are often employed to grow microorganisms. Following is information on using 3M Petrifilm® to make student experiments easier to perform by not requiring specially made agar filled petri dishes. More
Recent research has shown that a European-style kiss could be safer for our health than the handshake. More
Food allergens may become a part of a food through unintended routes. Examples of these are inadequate scheduling to protect against cross-contamination; improper cleaning between different products without analytical verification methods; use of allergen containing rework in non-allergen containing products. A food manufacturer should address these critical control points of manufacturing in an allergen control plan. More
Hand Hygiene & Hand Health: important information to prevent spreading bacteria. More
Booklet on the maximum levels of natural or unavoidable defects in foods that present no health hazards for humans. More

A basic list of things to consider when washing hands.

Food poisoning has hit most of us at one time or another. Maybe you were even responsible for causing it. Read this article and get some tips on how to avoid it. More
Thermometers are a must for any one involved in HACCP, but how good is this tool? More
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