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On-Farm Testing – The Future Trend of Antibiotic Testing


Inhibitors in milk  

Inhibitors in milk include the obvious ones, antibiotics, sterilant and detergent residues. But what about other sources of inhibition?


A brief history of antibiotic residue testing 

Alexander Fleming is credited with the discovery of modern antibiotics but he also made another two breakthroughs which are lesser known. These were in the area of antibiotic inhibition testing.


Milk inhibitors - how the bacterial inhibtion test works. More
Quantifying inhibitors in milk  

Whilst the microbial inhibition test detects the presence of inhibitors in milk based on a certain cut-off level, it does not actually provide the antibiotic level present. This newsletter discussed how to quantify inhibitors in milk.

Our first newsletter in which David talks about Beta-Lactam antibiotics and Cephalosporins. More
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