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HACCP Manager™ Kit

HACCP Manager™ Kit provides the software, hardware and PC interface for the...

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iCelsius° IP2 Probe

Simply transform your device into a thermometer by simply downloading the...

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Thermocron temperature datalogger

No product quite so pungently underscores the importance of freshness. If you...

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Thermometer InfraRed

These practical thermometers use infrared technology, so you can measure...

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Retort Processing Indicators

Indicator changes colour from purple to green during retort processing. The...

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AquaTuff™ 35100-K & 35200-K Waterproof Thermocouple Instrument

AquaTuff™ offers manufacturers a reliable and accurate thermometer for...

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DFP450W Digital Pocket Test Thermometer with Temperature Alarm

The DFP450W Digital Pocket Test Thermometer is ideal for any production...

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AccuSafe thermometer

Each thermometer is individually calibrated, serialised and numbered and is...

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