Free Chlorine High Range Test Strips

Sensafe™ Free Chlorine High Range is the ideal product when testing in a food processing environment - 0 to 120mg/L or ppm range.
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Free Chlorine High Range is perfect for determining whether or not you have the correct amount of sanitizer present. Free Chlorine High Range combines a wide range of detection with patented Free Chlorine indicator. Designed to resist interference from monochloramines. Because all of the reagents are impregnated on the test strip pad, and no external chemicals are needed to perform the test, Free Chlorine High Range is perfect to take directly out onto the shop floor; thus reducing the amount of rejections and misadjusted processes.


  1. Dip one test strip into a water for 1 second.
  2. Remove the strip and shake once, briskly, to remove excess water.
  3. Wait 30 seconds (for values above 400ppm, wait 90 seconds for full colour develpment).
  4. Match the colour with the colour chart on the bottle (complete colour mathcing within 30 seconds).


Store in dry, cool area and away from direct sunlight.

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Bottle of 50 strips              Product Code: IT480023

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