Thermolink for thermal properties

The Thermolink is a hand-held meter which measures various thermal properties of a wide range of products.
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Measurements include:
- thermal conductivity,
- volumetric specific heat and
- thermal diffusivity of foods.

The KD2 ThermoLink is a handheld meter that uses a single-needle sensor to measure the thermal properties of any medium. It uses a simple yet precise heating and monitoring system to measure the slope and intercept of the sample specific temperature rise vs. time curve. From this data, thermal diffusivity and thermal resistivity are derived.

Data is stored within the meter for downloading to a computer. 

Applications include:
- Modeling processes (microwave heating, extrusion, freezing, etc.),
- Engineering design of processing equipment
- Calculating energy demand
- Development of sterilization and aseptic processing
- Optimizing sensory quality of foods, or
- Saving time and energy in processing

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