3M Petrifilm bacteria testing

Petrifilm ready-to-use bacteria tests are: - Fast - Efficient - Accurate AOAC approved methods.
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Petrifilm Plates are referred to in many laboratories as the Post-it Notes™ of the microbiology field.

Petrifilm Plates are playing-card size, sample-ready plates that enable food processors to easily and efficiently perform on-site microbial testing.

The Petrifilm plates may be used to test raw materials and the plant environment as well as finished products. In addition, food processors may use the Petrifilm plates to verify their Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs. Because Petrifilm plates streamline the testing process, many food and beverage companies are able to reinvest the labor hours they save and increase productivity in other areas such as quality assurance. Most Petrifilm plates are recognized as AOAC Official Methods.

FAST: No media preparation or validation required.

EFFICIENT: Saves time, labour and space, all of which saves you money.

ACCURATE: All Petrifilm plates are manufactured using ISO 9000 certified operations and strict quality control procedures to reduce media variations. A built-in grid facilitates counting.

- Petrifilm can be used for HACCP testing of products or for environmental monitoring.
- Petrifilm come with QA certificates.
- Petrifilm have extended shelf life compared to prepared media.
- Petrifilm takes up little storage or disposal space.
- Petrifilm are marked with grids for easier counting.

Benefits of Using Petrifilm

Petrifilm plates enhance the productivity of microbial testing by increasing labor efficiency allowing optimal utilization of labor resources which leads to increasing profitability.

Standardization of Methodology
3M’s broad line of sample-ready microbial testing products removes the variability of human error in test preparation to produce consistent results from plant to plant and technician to technician.

3M Microbiology is dedicated to offering products that meet even the most stringent requirements among worldwide reference organizations, regulatory approval agencies, and multinational corporations so that you may be confident in your testing methods.

Rapid Detection
Petrifilm plates help food processors test products and equipment easily and on the spot, assisting in rapid detection and resolution of problem areas.

HACCP Verification
3M’s full line of products plays an integral role in helping verify sanitation at critical control points throughout the food processing operation—including line production, equipment and environmental testing.

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