ISFET pH systems

The Sentron high-tech Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) solid state pH sensor is the most powerful pH testing technology available.
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Rugged, glass free probe type designs incorporate Sentron's advanced pH microchip technology for user friendly and accurate measuremets, faster than ever. Although all suitable for general pH testing, each is designed for a specific purpose, measurement of samples as small as one drop, surface measurements, measurement in very viscous samples and semi solids.

The clog-resistant probe materials can be easily cleaned using a simple toothbrush and unlike conventional electrodes, can be stored dry.

All probe designs are compatible with any Sentron pH meter. The choice of meter depends on the application and environment in which it will be used:
Argus Handheld is compact, easy to use and battery powered. It is ideal for field use.

Titan Desktop/Portable combines an easy-to-read design with AC or battery power.
701 Adapter allows all types of probes can be connected to any type of conventional glass electrode based pH meter.

Using a Sentron ISFET pH system means having the state of the art technology at your fingertips. In addition, Sentron's latest development, the spear pointed LanceFET with handle further increases your grip on measurements in meats and other dense semi-solids, which in the past might have slipped from under your hands.

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