Single-Shot Servo Depositor

Withbatches as small as 0.5kg, the Bottom Line Depositor candeliver center-filled products at a much lower cost than othercurrently available pilot equipment.
Base price

This system from Bottom Line Process Technologies produces presentation-quality product concepts such as filled chocolates, hard candies, and caramels.

It can also be used for new concepts such as honey-filled throat drops, yogurt filled fruit jellies, or sugar-free hard candy filled with energy gel.

Custom dies are available for innovative stripes, swirls and patterns.

The Bottom Line Depositor has two (or more) individually heated and temperature controlled product hoppers and pump heads.


Servo operation for each pump is independent, so the operator can set separate parameters such as up and down speed, start and stop timing, and stroke length. 


The Bottom Line Depositor has many automated features, including a touch screen operator interface that can store up to 99 recipes. It can also be operated manually.
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