Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge®

The Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® bag is designed for environmental surface sampling of work areas, equipment, animal carcasses, and any other place where testing for Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, coliforms, and other foodborne pathogens.
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The sampling system contains a dry sponge which is packaged inside a Whirl-Pak Bag®. The Whirl-Pak®Speci-Sponge® bag is a user friendly system incorporating a sterile dry Speci-Sponge®packaged inside a sterile Whil-Pak®Bag. To hydrate the Speci-Sponge® sterile diluent (sold separately) is aseptically added to the Whirl-Pak Bag®.

Wearing sterile gloves (to prevent contamination), the hydrated sponge is aseptically removed from the bag and used to swab the test surface. After swabbing is complete, the sponge is placed back into the Whirl-Pak®Bag, sealed and sent to the laboratory for testing.

In the laboratory, media may be added directly to the bag and the sample incubated inside the bag for detection tests, or the sample may be squeezed out of the sponge, pipetted, or plated onto agar / dehydrated plates.

The special dry sponge is free of bactericides and has been tested to be non-inhibitory. It measures approximately 3.8 x 7.6 x 1.5 cm thick when wet, and is sterilized inside a Whirl-Pak® bag. The Whirl-Pak bag has a capacity of 532mL and measures 11.5 x 23cm, and is sold in a box of 100.

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