Packaging Seal Strength Tester

Automatically regulates air pressure to determine the seal strength of a wide variety of porous and non-porous packages. The tester performs burst and creep tests in accordance with ASTM F1140-2000 and is a valuable tool for users seeking ISO 11607 compli
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This tester is a highly accurate, multifunctional pressure control and monitoring device:

  • The burst test function automatically inflates the test sample until seal failure occurs.
  • The creep test feature checks package seals under sustained pressure.
  • The creep-to-burst feature sequentially checks minimum required seal strength and maximum pressure at burst.
  • 0.2% pressure accuracy.
  • 0.3 in H2O resolution.

The operator sets test variables using easy to follow menu screens, and then initiates the test sequence by simply pressing the start button.

Test results are displayed on the screen and are held in memory. The tester includes a parallel printer port and a serial output port for easy interface with a PC.

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