WACO VSM II Video Can Seam Monitor

Brighter, sharper picture of a can seam.
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The most advanced technology is now available for fast, accurate quality inspection measurement of can double seam cross sections. Conventional seam projectors produce seam images that are not clear or bright enough to see the fine details of the seam. This can lead to inaccurate, inconsistent measurements.

WACO VSM II is the solution - a high resolution CCD camera and monitor, superior optics and a solid state light source. The result is an extremely sharp, bright 50X image of the can seam which is easy to evaluate and measure.

A toggle switch selects a pair of crosshairs on either of the X or Y axis. The operator positions each cursor on the desired aspect of the can seam image and reads the digital display. Measurement of seam height, seam thickness, overlap, body hook and cover hook have never been easier to take accurately.

Illumination is adjustable and a calibration procedure is built-in. The instrument consists of two stainless steel cabinets, the upper containing the CCTV monitor, the lower the camera, optics and electronics. The unit has both RS/232 serial and BCD parallel outputs. The enter button on the front panel or an optional footswitch can be used to send data.

Use the WACO VSM II as a standalone instrument, or as part of a computerized can seam quality control system such as the WACO Accuseam System. Can seam testing made simple!

An optional video printer is useful for users who wish to have a permanent hard copy of the can seam image. It will print a seam image in approximately 8 seconds at the touch of a button.

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