Q-Swab with Letheen Broth

Q-Swab™ is a popular choice for the food and beverage industries for environmental microbiological analysis.
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Q-Swab™ offers a self contained swabbing system, incorporating 1mL of Letheen Broth. The Q-Swab™ is easy to use, allowing the user to swab a site in either a wet or dry format. Once the Snap-Valve™ is snapped the Letheen Broth runs down the shaft of the swab and neutralises any residual sanitiser which may be present, allowing the growth of any microorganisms present. Simply then pour the Letheen Broth onto a dehydrated plate or streak onto an agar plate.

Click here for a virtual demonstration of the Q-Swab™

Advantages of the Q-Swab™

  • Ready to use and convenient 
  • All in one sample collection system
  • 1mL of Letheen Broth diluent - the correct amount of diluent to hydrate dehydrated media plates
  • Letheen Broth neutralises any residual sanitiser that may be present on the test surface


Room temperature for up to 18 months

Ordering Details

Pack of 50          Product Code: HG-QS120050

Pack of 250        Product Code: HG-QS1200

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