Measure moisture content, specific weight and temperature of grains with the Aqua-TR.
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Description Based on capacitive measurement the Aqua-TR® can measure moisture content for a variety of grains including cereals, oil seed, protein seeds and pellets. The EU-certified specific weight (SW) is measured after gravitational auto-levelling and automatic temperature compensation. Advantages Rapid methadology - results are available within 20 seconds. Accurate - reliable results and repeatable with a one-litre sample volume. Easy to transport, may be used in the field and powered by a 12V vehicle battery. Aqua-TR® complies to the NF EN ISO7971-2 Standard Modularity The Aqua-TR® may be used with the Infraneo (Infra-red analyser). Combined measurements include: Accredited moisture content, Specific weight and Protein content.          
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