Compact Dry™ Yeast & Mould

Rapid and convenient method for the enumeration of Yeast & Mould in food products, waters, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples.
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Food manufacturers and laboratories can now test foods, waters environmental swabs easily and economically using the Compact Dry™ Yeast and Mould (YM) plates.

Compact Dry™ Yeast and Mould (YM) plates utilize chromogenic media allowing differentiation of yeast and mould by colour development. Due to the inclusion of the chromogenic subsrate X-Phos, yeast colonies form as a blue colour on the surface of the membrane. Moulds which grow on the surface of the membrane will show typical colours. Bacterial growth is inhibited due to the inclusion of antibiotics in the medium.

Each Compact Dry™ plate has a lid, allowing 3 dimensional growth of colonies on the plate. Results are available within 3-7 days when incubated at 25°C.


  • Small and compact plate.
  • Ready to use.
  • Self diffusing membrane - saving laboratory personnel time.
  • Conveniently packed in foil packs of 4 plates.
  • Stored at room temperature / 18 month shelf life from date of manufacture.
  • Each plate has a lid - eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.
  • Lid allows for 3 dimensional colony growth.
  • No stacking restrictions during incubation.

Click here to watch a demonstration of the Compact Dry.


  • AOAC-RI       Certificate Number: 100401
  • MicroVal        Certificate Number: RQA2998LR10
  • NordVal         Certificate Number: 043

Ordering Details:

Pack of 48      HSCDYM48

Pack of 240    HSCDYM240

Pack of 500    HSCDYM500

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