Compact Dry™ Total Viable Count

Compact Dry™ offers a new rapid method for the enumeration of bacteria in foods, waters, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples.
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Compact DryTotal Count (TC) is a new convenient ready to use dehydrated plate for manufacturers and laboratories to perform total viable counts for foods, waters, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples. The plates utilise nutrient agar and a redox indicator tetrazolium salt which causes all viable organisms on the plate to form a red colony. This allows for easy differentiation of colonies and food particles, as the latter will not change to a red colour.

The Compact Dry™ TC plates combined with our Q-Swabs offer food manufacturers the perfect tool to conduct a thorough environmental swabbing program of their production plant. As all surfaces, including all hard to reach and non-flat surfaces, can be tested food manufacturers can be rest assured that their plant is operating within safe microbiological limits.

The Compact Dry™ plates have a self diffusing membrane saving laboratory personnel valuable time as spreaders are no longer required and the lids to the plates can be placed back on immediately.

AQIS has approved Compact Dry™ Total Count to be used for the analysis of meat and meat products (including carcass surfaces) in Australia. The plates also have AOAC-RI, MicroVal and Nordval approval.


  • Small and compact plate
  • Ready to use
  • Compact Dry™ is sold in foil packs of 4 
  • Stored at room temperature / 18 month shelf life from the date of manufacture
  • The self-diffusible membrane means that there is no need to use a spreader
  • Each plate has a lid, eliminating any chance of cross contamination
  • The lid allows for 3 dimensional growth of colonies on the plate

Click here to watch a video of the Compact Dry Plates.


  • AOAC-RI Certificate Number 010404
  • MicroVal Certificate Number RQA2007LR01
  • NordVal Certificate Number 033

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