Compact Dry™ Salmonella

Rapid method for the detection of Salmonella spp in foods, waters, pharmaceutical and environmental samples.
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Salmonella spp are a leading cause of food poisoning in the community with young children or those with compromised immune systems most susceptible. Salmonella spp cause contamination in food products due to insufficient cooking process or poor handling procedures after the cooking process.

It is of great importance that food manufacturers implement and monitor an effective HACCP system which includes continual monitoring of the production environment and end products for Salmonella spp.

Compact Dry™ Salmonella (SL) offers food manufacturers and food laboratories a rapid and user friendly method to detect Salmonella spp in foods, waters and environmental swabs. Contrary to traditional methods, Compact Dry™ SL will provide a result within 48hours of commencing the test.

Click here to watch a demonstration of the Compact Dry Plates.

Advantages of the Compact Dry™ Salmonella

  • Ready to use and portable plate
  • Rapid results – more rapid confirmation of negative and positive results
  • Easy colony identification
  • Plates are stored at room temperature
  • Waste and labour reduction

Detection principal of Compact Salmonella

  • Alkalization of the medium by Salmonella’s lysine decarboxylase ability
  • Greening of the colony, caused by decomposition of chromogenic substrate with a specific enzyme of Salmonella spp
  • the motility of Salmonella spp

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