Aqualab Pawkit water activity

The PawKit is a palm-sized portable water activity meter for inspections and quick checks.
Base price

You cannot always bring the lab with you.

However, now you can have Aqualab quality and speed in the palm of your hand. The self-contained battery-operated Pawkit is just 4 inches long and weighs only 4 ounces (115g), with an accuracy of ±0.02 aw.

The Pawkit is specially designed for the researcher on the go — for tasks such as quality assurance checks and inspections. It is also desirable for labs that may not need the ±0.003 aw accuracy of a standard AquaLab Series 3 model, but want the same AquaLab ease of use and quality.

Quick and Easy Measurement.
Measurement is simple. Just open the bottom of the instrument, insert your sample, and press a button. In 5 minutes, your water activity measurement will appear along with the temperature. You can also easily check and adjust calibration whenever necessary.

Ultra-compact design for easy portability.
This sleek instrument comes to you in a durable carrying case that has a foam insert for the instrument, sample cups, and verification standards, enabling you to take the instrument with the necessary supplies you will need when you are on the go.

The Pawkit also uses the same sample cups and verification standards as the AquaLab benchtop models, so you will not have to worry about using different consumables if you already have a benchtop AquaLab.

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