GlitterBug® Disclosure Deluxe Kit

The GlitterBug® Deluxe kit provides all you need for a fun and effective training session for the demonstration of hand washing technique and cross contamination.
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Supplied in a handy carry bag, the GlitterBug® Deluxe kit comes with all you need to run a successful hygiene training session. The disclosure centre is the centre piece of the kit, resembling a bug. Made from polyethylene the disclosure centre is very durable. The ‘ears’  of the disclosure centre act as a holder for the GlitterBug® Potion and GlitterBug® Powder, whilst the GlowBar UV light acts as the bug’s eyes during your training sessions. The GlowBar is very versatile as it is strong enough to be used in bright environments, and when required it may be easily lifted out of the disclosure centre for scanning of other surfaces and objects.

To demonstrate hand washing technique:- 

  1. Simply rub the GlitterBug® Potion onto your hands like you would with hand cream;
  2. Wash your hands as you would normally and dry them;
  3. Place your hands inside the disclosure bug and look thru his mouth under the UV light. The UV light will make the fluorescent powders in the GlitterBug® Potion visible, and reveal all the places that germs love to lurk on your hands. Where one has not used soap, water and / or friction, it will show up as a white glowing area on the participant hands.

To demonstrate cross contamination using GlitterBug®  Powder :- 

  1. Sprinkle some powder onto a piece of paper;
  2. Pretend to sneeze on the paper;
  3. Ask people to take the paper and sign their name for attendance records;
  4. Using the disclosure center look at the fingers of the first person taking the paper. The glowing area demonstrates the cross contamination of ‘bugs’ from the paper to their hands. 



The GlitterBug® Deluxe kit includes:-

  • GlitterBug Disclosure Center
  • Carrying Bag
  • GlowBar lamp with 4 D-cell batteries
  • AC/DC adapter for plug-in convenience
  • Hand washing DVD
  • GlitterBug® Potion (240ml)
  • GlitterBug® Powder (70g)
  • GlitterBug® Instruction Manual
  • How to Wash Poster
  • Two sheets of "I Was Rude To a Germ" stickers
  • Two Hand Brushes
  • GlitterBug® Magnet
  • GlitterBug® Champion Medallion.

Note: Individual items included in kits are not returnable


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