GlitterBug® Potion

Hand hygiene has never been so fun! GlitterBug® Potion is the perfect tool to demonstrate good hand washing technique.
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Poor hand hygiene is a primary tool for the spread of germs and disease throughout the community. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, "Hand washing is the single most important means for preventing the spread of infections."

GlitterBug® Potion is a fun and effective tool to demonstrate and teach good hand washing techniques for all age groups. GlitterBug® Potion is a special hand lotion which has been specially formulated with a mix of UV fluorescent material, so that it shines under UV light. When washing hands, people often miss areas around nails, under jewelry and cracks in the skin, all places where germs like to hide. If such areas are not washed adequately after GlitterBug® Potion is applied, the area will shine under the UV light.

To demonstrate hand washing technique:-

  1. Simply rube the GlitterBug® Potion onto your hands like you would with hand cream;
  2. Wash your hands and dry your hands as you normally would;
  3. Place your hands under a UV light and look for any fluorescent areas. These fluorescent areas highlight spots that were not adequately washed during the handwashing procedure - thus areas where microorganisms may like to lurk on your hands.


Click here for a virtual demonstration of the GlitterBug® Potion.


GlitterBug® Potion is supplied as a 240mL pump pack bottle, which accomodates for approximately 200 applications.

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Diary Note: Global Handwashing Day is coming






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