GlitterBug® Powder

GlitterBug® Powder is a fun tool to show how bugs can transfer from any object onto your hands.
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Cross contamination poses major health risks to society as it is responsible for the spread of many illnesses such as the common flue. The spread of microorganisms via cross contamination can happen between people, surfaces food and equipment. It is therefore vital that people in schools, healthcare and food manufacturing industries have a thorough knowledge and understanding of cross contamination to help prevent the spread of microorganisms.

GlitterBug® Powder offers trainers the perfect tool to help participants visualise just how easy it is to cross contaminate your hands.  GlitterBug® Powder is formulated with a special fluorescent agent that shines under UV light.

To demonstrate cross contamination using GlitterBug® Powder :-

  1. Sprinkle some powder onto a piece of paper;
  2. Pretend to sneeze on the paper;
  3. Ask people to take the paper and sign their name for attendance records;
  4. Using a UV light look at the fingers of the first person taking the paper. The glowing area demonstrates the cross contamination of ‘bugs’ from the paper to their hands.

 GlitterBug® Powder is supplied in 70g bottles which allows for many demonstrations of cross contamination.

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