GlitterBug® GEL

Ensure you are applying hand sanitizer correctly with our new GlitterBug® GEL
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Hand sanitiser is now a popular tool to use to kill microorganisms on hands throughout the community. Hand sanitiser will only work kill microorganisms that it comes into contact with. It is therefore important that people are trained to apply the hand sanitiser over all of their hands, being careful not to miss any areas.

The new GlitterBug® Gel is a great product to teach and evaluate the application of hand sanitiser.

Simply apply GlitterBug® Gel:-

  1. Apply GlitterBug® on hands as you would normally do with a hand sanitiser.
  2. Examine your hands with a GlitterBug® UV Light.
  3. Any areas that do not glow were not covered with GlitterBug® Gel and in reality could be harbouring dangerous microorganisms.
  4. Attempt again, adjusting your technique to ensure that the sanitiser completely covers your hands.

Click here for a demonstration of the GlitterBug® Gel.

GlitterBug® Gel is sold in a 240mL pump pack.


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