The Numigral is a grain and seed counter, ideal for finding the weight of 1000 grains using a standardised method.
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Measurement Principle:

The unique single bowl allows the Numigral to count grains and seeds between 1 and 15mm in size. The adjustment screw eliminates over-sized products from the count and prevents several items passing in front of the sensor together.

The operator selects the desired number of seeds / grains to be counted. The seeds are then placed into the bowl and the instrument vibrator is turned on. The vibration of the bowl, the intensity of which can be regulated, moves grains on a spiral ramp. At the 

end of the ramp they fall out of the bowl one-by-one in front of the sensor.

Main Applications:

  • Evaluating yields from agriculture, milling, semolina production, brewing.
  • Estimating the number of grains to sow in order to reach the appropriate plant density.
  • Seed testing and certification.


  • NF V03-702
  • ISO 520

Product Code:

  • Numigral                    Product Code: 471103




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