Path-Chek Coliform

Path-Chek Coliform is a user friendly test kit for the isolation and detection of Coliforms on environmental surfaces.
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Coliform spp are an important indicator organism for food manufacturers. Supplied as a kit in a ready to use format, the Coliform Path-Chek offers quality assurance personnel a simple user friendly diagnostic test which can be used anywhere in the production environment. 

There are two components of the kit, a sterile pre-moistened swab and selective media tubes. The pre-moistened swab can neutralise any residual sanitisers and detergents on the test surface, ensuring that only true results are attained. 

A positive result is indicated by the media changing from a purple to yellow colour during the incubation period.

Advantages of Coliform Path-Chek:

  • Rapid and reliable solution to monitor and control microbiological contamination of surface areas in food industry
  • Laboratory not required
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to interpret results available within 18 - 24hrs
  • ISO: 18935: 2004 (E) Compliant


  1. Label a media tube with the identification of the test site.
  2. Use the pre-moistened swab to sample the test surface by rubbing the cotton head back and forth over the test area. It is important to remember to rotate the swab head whilst swabbing so that the whole swab surface is used.  Normally a 10cm2 area is tested for flat surfaces. If a non-flat / irregular shaped surface is being tested, take a representative sample.
  3. Remove the lid of the media tube and place the swab into the media.
  4. Aseptically break the end of the swab shaft so that the media tube cap can be placed back onto the tube.
  5. Incubate the media tube and swab in a vertical position at 35-37°C for 18 – 24hours.
  6. After 24hrs remove tubes from incubator and look for a colour change in the media. The presence of Coliform spp is indicated by the media changing from a purple to yellow colour.


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