Retort Processing Indicators

Chemical indicators for the retort canning industry.
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Indicator changes colour from purple to green during retort processing.

The Retort Check range is the most cost effective way of providing evidence of processing and is an excellent way to maintain permanent records and ensure compliance with federal and governmental regulations.


Designed to occur only after exposure to steam in batch processing retorts for the appropriate time, the colour change is a highly effective means of determining batch status. This can act as a significant step towards preventing unprocessed or under-processed product entering the supply chain.


The Retort Check range gives food processors far more accurate levels of indication than autoclave/retort tape. The indicators are easily retained to provide evidence of an effective process and demonstrate good practice and traceability.



Retort Checks are manufactured in accordance with FDA QSR and ISO 9002 in an FDA Quality Systems Registered facility.
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