QD-Loop is an accurate dilution device saving on labour and laboratory equipment costs.
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The QD-Loop is a self contained system enabling easy dilution preparation for laboratory testing. An accurate calibrated loop comes attached to a reservoir where patented Snap Valve™ Technology holds 1.0mL of Butterfields or Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) buffer.  The system is available in three dilution formats of 1/10, 1/100 and 1/1000.

Key Features:

  • Self contained system
  • Multiple calibrated dilution loops
  • Aseptically filled and gamma irradiated
  • 12 month shelf life when stored at refrigerated temperatures (2-8°)


  • No need to prepare dilution buffers
  • No need to pipette
  • Reduces labour and laboratory equipment costs


  1. Aseptically remove the sampling tip from the tube and place into the sample.
  2. Place the sampler back in to the tube.
  3. Break the Snap-Valve™ and squeeze the bulb to expel all liquid.
  4. Shake the device to mix and dilute the sample.
  5. Pour the content onto a dehydrated plate or streak onto an agar plate for culturing.

 Ordering Details:

  • 1:100 Dilution        Pack of 250           HG-QD0100
  • 1:1000 Dilution      Pack of 205           HG-QD1000




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