3M™ Comply™ Thermalog™ Steam Chemical Integrators

Steam chemical integrator is a single use device that indicated whether materials inside a pack have been exposed to the conditions necessary for sterilization.
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3M™ Comply™ Thermalog™ Steam Chemical Integrators are designed to be used to monitor exposure to steam or EO conditions in a pack or load. The integrator offers an immediate, accurate and easy to read method of monitoring the sterilisation process conditions inside each pack. The easy to read moving front style which has a moving colour bar that advances into the 'SAFE' window area or 'UNSAFE' window area.

A 'SAFE' reading indicates that all the critical parameters (time, temperature and the presence of saturated steam) of steam sterilisation have been met. An 'UNSAFE' reading indicates that sterilisation conditions inside the pack were insufficient. If the bar does not reach the 'SAFE' window, the pack should be reprocessed and the cause of the sterilisation failure should be investigated.  




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