Anti-Microbial Cleaning Equipment

Anti-Microbial cleaning products designed for all production areas.
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Anti-Microbial cleaning products are designed for production areas where the control of microorganisms and physical contamination are strictly controlled. All products within the range contain a uniquely created silver-ion based anti-microbial additive which inhibits the growth of moulds and bacteria.

  • Prevention of over 99% of bacterial contamination
  • Anti-Microbial properties are not affected by time, cleaning chemicals or abrasion
  • Industrial dishwasher safe
  • Resin-Set DRS® as standard
  • Working temperature range: -18°C to 79°C
  • All components are FDA / EU Approved
  • Independent migration tests show all plastics used are compliant for use in food environments in the EU / US

Please note that the Anti-Microbial range is only available in the colour purple.


Hand Brush        





  • Ideal for light particles and production lines
  • Size: 317 x 36mm
  • Product Code: AMB861


Short Handled Brush

  • Ideal for production lines
  • Size: 254 x 72mm
  • Product Code: AMD4


Scrubbing Brush

  • Ideal for removing medium-large size particles; conveyor belts; production lines
  • Size: 210 x 65mm
  • Product Code: AMST5


Flat Sweeping Broom


  • Ideal for medium size particles
  • Size: 300 x 75mm
  • Product Code: AMB758


Deck Scrub

  • Ideal for very heavy soiling; large areas; production environments
  • Size: 300 x 75mm
  • Product Code: AMB770


Sweeping Broom Brush

  • Ideal for large areas; medium particles
  • Size: 457 x 75mm
  • Product Code: AMB809


Ultra-Hygienic Squeegee




  • Ideal for removing excess liquid; high risk areas; smooth surfaces
  • Size: 600mm
  • Product Code: AMPLSB60


Polypropylene Handle

  • Used with brushed and squeegees
  • Size: 1400 x 32mm
  • Product Code: AMPLH3




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