MiniMix® 100 Blender Range

MiniMix® 100 range of blenders are ideal for small samples. The adjustable paddles provides a quick and accurate homogenizing of the sample.
Base price

MiniMix® 100 range of blenders are specifically designed for small samples up to 10g.

Two models are currently available in the range which have very similar features. The MiniMix® W CC® has a window door and is supplied with a security drip tray, whilst the MiniMix® P CC® has a solid plain door and the security drip tray is an optional purchase. The MiniMix® P CC® is pictured below:



Ideal for:

  • Medical and Veterinary Applications (biopsy, organ tissue sampling)
  • Molecular extractions (proteins, lipids, DNA)
  • Toxin research


  • Silent and resistant
  • Easy Control
    • Adjustable speed, time and blending strength
    • Optimal bacterial extraction in less than 60 seconds
    • Easy insertion of bag with the side-by-side paddles stop
  • Easy Cleaning:
    • All stainless steel
    • 270° retractable door
    • Click and Clean® removable paddles


  • All stainless steel
  • Plain Door (MiniMix® P CC®), or Window Door (MiniMix® W CC®)
  • Multifunction digital screen
  • Variable speed (3, 6, 9, 12 strokes / sec)
  • Variable time (1 sec. - 1h or ∞)
  • Variable power, adjustable paddles (patented)
  • Q-Tight® closing
  • Click & Clean® removable paddles (patented)
  • Fully opening door (270°)
  • Side-by-side paddle stop
  • Useful volume: 5-80mL 
  • Security drip tray is delivered with the MiniMix® W CC®. (Optional extra for the MiniMix® P CC®)


  • 3 year guarantee (After registration of the Guarantee form)
  • Window door life - time guarantee
  • Shock absorbers life-time guarantee


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