FoodLab Touch

FoodLab Touch is a fast, simple and reliable analysis system for determining multiple parameters in various food products.
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FoodLab Touch is a useful tool for the quality control of dairy products including milk and cheeses, eggs, egg products and derivatives, tomato and vegetable purees, fats and oils.

Optimal quality control on the production line is possible as the FoodLab Touch can run 16 samples at the same time with results available within a few minutes. The multi-tasking mode allows quality control staff to run various parameters at the same time.  


  • Easy to use - the system does not require specific training.
  • Calibration free - the analyser is supplied pre-calibrated.
  • Maintenance free - includes 3 year analyser warranty.
  • At line analysis - can be run by unskilled operators.
  • Simple - low toxicity reagents in pre-filled cuvettes.
  • Rapid results - results in minutes on micro-samples.
  • Cost effective solution - rapid return on investment.


  1. Add the required sample volume to the reagent tube.
  2. Follow the instructions on the display screen.
  3. Results are automatically calculated, displayed and printed.



  • System - Photometer with temperature control at 37°C.
  • Measurement - Solid state opto-electronic devices.
  • Photometric Range - 366nm, 420nm, 446nm, 545nm, 505nm, 604nm, 630nm, 700nm (wavelengths).
  • Photometric Module - 8 channels with different wavelengths each, in 4 reading cells.
  • Incubation Module - 37°C thermostat block with 16 positions.
  • Connectivity - 2USB 2.0 to transfer the database of tests performed and update the configuration and software. 1 USB type B for technical service and PC connection. 1 Ethernet (LAN).
  • Internal Storage - 4GB internal memory to store the performed tests.
  • Database Format - CSV and XML file, compatible with all formats of database (eg.: XLA, SQL).
  • Printer - Integral graphic printer 80mm width.
  • Weight: 2.8kg.
  • Dimensions: W 32cm, D 29.5cm, H 13cm.
  • Power Supply: 24DC.
  • Environmental Operating Conditions: System and its accessories can be used at room temperature ranging from 15°C to 35°C and with relative humidity of 20% -90% without condensation.


Tests available:-

  • Milk & Dairy Products
    • L-Lactic acid in milk, cheese, cream
    • Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) in milk
    • Lactose in milk
    • Ammonia in milk, cream, cheese
    • Chloride in milk, cheese, aqueous solutions
    • Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) of cow's milk
    • Hydrogen peroxide in milk
    • e-fructosil-lysine (Furosine) in milk
    • Peroxidase (POD) in milk
    • Glucose in UHT milk
    • Acidity in butter, margarine and cream
    • Peroxide value in butter, margarine, and cream


  • Egg and Egg Products
    • Butyric acid
    • L-Lactic acid
    • Cholesterol
    • Colour
    • Total Acidity
    • Xanthophylls


  • Fats and Oils
    • Free Fatty Acids (FFA) in edible fats, oils, butter, margarine and cream
    • Peroxide Value in edible fats, oils, butter, margarine, and cream
    • Soaps in edible fats, oils and cream
    • Polyphenols / Oil Stability Index (OSI) in olive oil
    • p-Anisidine Value in edible fats and oils
    • Iodine value only in palm oil

 Click here to find out more for oil and fat analysis.

  • Vegetable puree and Tomato
    • L-Lactic Acid vegetable puree and Tomato
    • Lactic acid (D&L) vegetable puree and Tomato
    • Glucose in tomato
    • Chloride in sauces


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