PRO-Clean Protein Residue Swabs

Rapid protein residue test for surface cleaning validation.
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Used by the grocery, food manufacturing, food services, meats & restaurant industries PRO-Clean offers an important tool to monitor their HACCP programs. As PRO-Clean provides easy to read results within 10 minutes corrective action can be put into place immediately to ensure food safety. Using the PRO-Clean systems shows food inspectors an auditors that you follow best practice in effective hygiene.



  • All-in-one device. No instrumentation required.
  • Results in 1-10 minutes depending on the sensitivity required.
  • Easy-to-interpret colour change.
  • Cost effective.
  • No training required.
  • Patented Snap-Valve™ technology - snap and squeeze.
  • Pre-Moistened swab bud.
  • Write on swab tube label.
















 Step 1 

  • Ensure that the PRO-Clean swab is at room temperature prior to commencement of testing.
  • To ensure that the moisture covers the entire swab tip, flick the device prior to removing the swab.
  • Aseptically remove the swab
    • for flat surfaces take a sample by swabbing an area 10x10cm
    • for irregular surfaces swab an area to provide a representative sample

Step 2

  • Carefully place the swab back into the swab tube.

Step 3

  • Activate the test by bending the bulb until the Snap Valve™ breaks. Squeeze the bulb twice to expel liquid reagent down the swab of the shaft.

Step 4

  • Mix the swab in the reagent by gently shaking for 5 seconds.

Step 5

  • After 10 minutes, compare the colour reagent against PRO-Clean colour chart swab label and record.


Click here to watch a demonstration of the PRO-Clean swabs



The colour of the solution and the time in which the colour change takes place will indicate the level of protein residue on the surface. By comparing the colour of the solution against PRO-Clean, an estimate of the surface cleanliness can be made.

Green = Pass results (no further action is required)

Grey = Caution (small amount of residue present. Retest, re-rinse or re-clean depending on protocol)

Purple = Fail result (re-clean and re-test)


Shelf Life

PRO-Clean has an 18 month shelf life from the date of manufacture when stored at room or refrigerated temperatures.


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