PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers

PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers are an environmental sampling device designed for strength and versatility.
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The PUR-Blue™ Swab Sampler is manufactured with durable, biocide free, polyurethane foam that resists tearing and fraying even while sampling abrasive surfaces. The shaft on the swab is thicker than traditional swabs allowing the user to vigorously scrub a surface to disrupt and lift the biofilm to optimise collection of microorganisms. The large cap provides an ample grasping surface for the user to hold the PUR-Blue™ Swab Sampler during the sampler collection. The cap is designed with a second set of threads that allows for the attachment of the PUR-Blue cap to an extension pole for remote sample collection. PUR-Blue™ swabs samples are available dry or with pre-measured volumes of different types of collection broths. All units are gamma irradiated as t a dose range of 12-22kGy as the terminal manufacturing step.

PUR-Blue™ Swabs Samplers are available with different types and volumes of collection broths and are sold in units of 100 per case.


  • Uses a polyurethane foam swab that resists tearing or fraying, so it is particularly useful for sampling abrasive or sharp surfaces.

  • PUR-Swab™ Swab samplers are designed with an easy –to-grip cap that allows the user to aggressively scrub a surface during sampling to disrupt and lift biofilm.

  • The shaft of the swab is thicker and more rigid than a conventional clinical-style swab. This helps the user apply ample force to the swab during sampling.

  • The cap is designed with two sets of threads. This allows the PUR-Blue swab to be attached to a speciality adapter and pole for sampling hard-to-reach areas.

  • Gamma irradiated as the final manufacturing step

Products Available:

  • PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers with Large Foam Tip – Quantitative Testing

A single surface can be tested for multiple parameters using any of the below PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers. The volume and collection broth used is dependent on your specific needs.   

Product Name


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 5mL HiCap Neutralising Broth


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 10mL HiCap Neutralising Broth


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 5mL Letheen Broth


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 10mL Letheen Broth


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 4mL Neutralising Buffer


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 5mL Neutralising Buffer


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 10mL Buffered Peptone Water



  • PUR-Blue™ Swabs with large Foam Tip – Pathogen Testing

For pathogen testing the below range of swabs are ideal. Simply test the surface, add 9mL of an enrichment broth and incubate as per laboratory method.


Product Name


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 1.5mL HiCap Neutralising Broth


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 1.5mL Letheen Broth



  • PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers Foam Tip – Dry (No collection Broth in Device)

Dry swabs are available in the PUR-Blue™ Swab Sampler range. These particular swabs are a useful tool when testing wet surfaces or if you would like to add your own preferred collection broth. 


Product Name


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - Dry Swab



  • PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers with small foam tip – to deliver 1mL after sampling

PUR-Blue™ Swab Sampler with a small foam tip is designed to be used for quantitative analysis. After sampling, the 1mL of collection broth is poured directly onto a dehydrated plate or petri dish for incubation and enumeration.


Product Name


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 1mL  HiCap Neutralising Broth


PUR-Blue Polyurethane Swab Sampler - 1mL Letheen Broth



  • Adapter and Extension Pole for PUR-Blue™ Swab Samplers

Two sets of threads are included in the design of the cap. The first set is for the attachment of the swab. The second thread is for the attachment of the adapter for the extension pole to enable swabbing of hard to reach areas.


Product Name


PUR-Blue Swabs - 8 Foot Extension Poles


PUR-Blue Swabs Adapter








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