PUR-Blue™ DUO™ Swab Sampler

Start the incubation time for pathogen swabbing tests faster using the new PUR-Blue™ DUO™ Swab Sampler.
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The PUR-Blue™ Duo™ Swabs are a new innovative swab designed to improve the quality of microbiology results and to streamline pathogen testing procedures in any food laboratory.

Microorganisms which are present on surfaces within the food production area are often stressed or injured due to exposure to a range of environmental factors such as sanitisers, dessication, low pH and heat. Consequently pathogens are normally found in very low numbers on these surfaces. A resuscitation step is standard practice in food microbiology as it allows the organisms to recover and grow to levels detectable by most standard methods.

PUR-Blue™ DUO swabs have been specifically designed so that any pathogens present on the collection swab are placed into a resuscitation broth immediately after swabbing. This is possible by the inclusion of two broths on either side of the handle.

One side of the swab has a tube containing High Capacity (HiCap) Neutralising Broth to neutralise any sanitiser residue picked up by the swab which could kill bacteria during transportation. This ensures bacteria sampled from a surface survive if they are present. HiCap Neutralising Broth has significantly more neutralising capacity than other broths such as Letheen.

The second side of the swab contains a resuscitation broth to minimise the time where stressed organisms may die off during transportation to the laboratory. The resuscitation broth used is dependent on whether the target organism is either Salmonella or Listeria species.

The PUR-Blue DUO swabs themselves have been manufactured with a polyurethane foam tip allowing vigorous environmental swabbing breaking down any biofilm that may be present on the surface. It will not leave any fibres behind as can happen with current cellulose or cotton swabs.


  • Sample collection and enrichment in 1 device.
  • Eliminates transfer step - saves time and labour in the laboratory.
  • Reduces enrichment media costs.
  • More cost effective than sponge sampling devices.


  • 100 swabs per case.
  • Gamma irradiated.
  • 1mL Collection Broth
  • 9mL Enrichment Broth

  Ordering Details:

  • PUR-Blue DUO Swab Sampler  - 1.5mL High Capacity Neutralising Broth with 9mL Buffered Peptone Water
  • PUR-Blue DUO Swab Sampler - 1.5mL High Capacity Neutralising Broth with 9mL Demi Fraser Broth

Storage Conditions:

Please store swabs between 2-8°C

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