Laboratory milling of both hard and soft wheats to produce flour.
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Wheat can be characterized by its milling behaviour (resistance to crushing and extraction rate) and by the quality of the flour produced. CHOPIN Technologies LabMill is designed to evaluate these two criteria.


  • gradually reduces wheat to obtain an extraction rate equivalent to an industrial mill,

  • a patented mill diagram specifically designed to obtain precise information on the behaviour of the wheat being evaluated, and

  • LabMill produces flour that is representative of the wheat being milled.




LabMill in the grain industry




Wheat Breeders - Use with as little as 50g samples of wheat.


Flour Millers - Choice of wheat, making blends, optimization of tempering, adaptation of setting, etc.


Ingredient Specialists - Milling up to 2kg in one pass, for bread-making tests.


Flour Milling Control Labs or Grain Research Institutes - Carrying out of repeatable and reproducible milling representative of the quality of wheat implemented.


Universities teaching cereal science - Wheat milling education with a tool representative of industrial practices (grooved cylinders, smooth cylinders, sifting, etc).




LabMill is specifically designed to reach an industrial extraction rate and make a representative flour quality.




Extraction rate obtained on the LabMill is particularly high compared to its short milling diagram:


  • it is between 66% and 81%, with an average of 77% for hard wheat and 75% for soft wheat,

  • in comparison with a reference mill, more than 87% of extraction rates are correctly predicted using the LabMill in a confidence interval of +/-1%, and

  • this allows you to directly identify the lots of wheat most conducive to a high extraction rate in industrial milling.




Flour purity is representative of industrial milling conditions:


  • traditionally measured by ash content, in LabMill’s case, it is between 0.50% and 0.63%/ms, which corresponds to a 55 ash flour commonly used in bread-making, and also

  • flour purity, however, does not shed much light on its technological quality. A comparison study between the results obtained on the Alveograph following wheat milling under ISO 27971:2008 demonstrates that the rheological quality of flour made with LabMill is equivalent to flour made by industrial milling.


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