EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler

EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler is designed to facilitate the aseptic collection of environmental surface samples from food and beverage processing or related facilities. After collection, the device can be separated to 'split' the sample, allowing for 2 or more separate analysis of the collected samples. The included sample bags can be used to transport the samples to the laboratory.
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EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler solves the problem of how to reliably analyse a single environmental test point for multiple pathogens or groups of indicator organisms. The EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler allows for easy separation of a single sample into two distinct samples for separate analysis.

This innovative and easy to use sampling device has all the best features of an EZ Reach™ including: twist off and flexible polypropylene handle, rugged polyurethane sponge, and a multi-laminate puncture resistant sample bag with wire closure that protects sample integrity whether tested in site or shipped to a 3rd party laboratory.


  • Eliminates imprecise sampling of adjacent areas.
  • Prevents need to cut sponges a the laboratory.
  • Reduce cost of using 2 separate sampling devices.
  • Ideal for sampling Listeria and Salmonella.


  • 60 units a case.
  • Gamma Irradiated.
  • Batch Certificate of Analysis available upon request. 

Ordering Details:

  • EZ Reach™ Split-Sampler - 20mL of HiCap Neutralising Broth

For further information or pricing please contact us via phone or email sales@arrowscientific.com.au

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