Continous Cooker

Swept Surface Cooker designed to process 455 g of product/minute at temperatures up to 177
Base price

Originally built for processing of high amylose starch jellies, this machine can handle any viscous material that would typically be processed in a traditional swept surface cooker.  The machine can also be supplied as a swept surface evaporator, with appropriate rotor and discharge change parts.  Custom designed feeding and metering systems are offered as an option. 

Also, there is the Continuous Vacuum Cooking System, designed to continuously cook an output of 250 grams hard candy at vacuums up to 610 mm Hg.  The Continuous Vacuum Cooking System features an electrically heated feed tank with mixer, positive displacement feed pump with digital rpm speed control, electrically heated continuous cooker with three control zones, vacuum chamber, positive displacement extraction pump with digital rpm speed control, stainless steel coil-in-shell condenser, continuous vacuum system, and stainless steel control panel.

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