3M™ Attest™ Indicators

3M™ Attest™ Indicators for fast validation of steam sterilisers.
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The 3M Attest Rapid Readout Biological indicator, a key part of monitoring all steam sterilisation processes giving you the ability to quickly validate the performance of your steam sterilisers and ensuring that products in the load are safely sterilised and ready to use. 

The unique, self-contained, design of 3M Attest biological indicators makes them easy to use in the department where the sterilisers are located. The rapid readout technology provides reliable, real-time results. This enables a health care facility to detect sterilisation process failures at the earliest stage in the sterilisation process and to respond more quickly and efficiently to such failures. 

With results in one to three hours, every load can be monitored and quarantined until the biological indicator results are available. This means no recalls, no informing physicians about the use of non sterile medical devices, and no department credibility problems. 

3M Attest 1291 biological indicators are designed to monitor the 132ºC gravity displacement steam sterilisation process, and provides results within one hour. 

3M Attest 1292 biological indicators are designed to monitor the 132ºC vacuum assisted process, and provides results in three hours. 

Both products challenge the steriliser with highly-resistant dry bacterial spore strip (Bacillus stearothermophilus) in a plastic vial. A unique fluorescent indicator agent inside the vial is detectable only when sterilisation process failure, making fast results possible.  These biological indicators are incubated in the compact 3M auto-reader which will display a red light (+) to indicate a failed sterilisation process or green light (-) to indicate a successful process.  


  • Faster result time, making it possible to quarantine every load.
  • Eliminate recalls when every load is monitored and quarantined until the biological indicator delivers a negative result. Make decisions and take appropriate action prior to surgery, reducing the risks and costs involved from surgical infections.
  • Detects sterilisation process failures at a much earlier stage.
  • Detects malfunctioning equipment sooner. Use to validate repairs more quickly and put your steriliser back into service sooner.
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