Create HACCP plans with doHACCP.
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doHACCP documents and maintains all of your HACCP planning information. It focuses your food safety efforts by coordinating multiple HACCP plans into one easy to use software system.

doHACCP scrupulously follows HACCP protocols. You can be sure you are following the right HACCP procedures with doHACCP software.

doHACCP leads you through and simplifies input for each of the sections required for a HACCP plan.

  • The Flow of Materials Diagram
  • Hazard identification
  • Critical Control Point determination
  • Critical Control Point planning
  • End product planning

First, the Flow of Materials Diagram for your unique product system is created using the software. Operations and materials are dragged and dropped onto a grid from a floating toolbox, allowing you to see the diagram as it is developed.

Changes are made to the diagram in a similar manner. This simple drag and drop method enables you to customize your HACCP plans so they match your manufacturing or retail system.Branching to perform HACCP tasks is done directly from the diagram, just place the mouse cursor on the target material in the diagram and "click".

Hazard information, Critical Control Point (CCP) determination, CCP planning, end product planning, and procedures/recipes are all attached to the diagram. The software automatically organizes the information you enter in each of these categories.

When entering Hazards, doHACCP prompts you for all of the information required. On one easy screen you indicate:

  • Hazard description
  • Hazard type-biological, physical, or chemical
  • Preventive measure description
  • Whether or not it is significant, with justification
  • Prerequisite programs used to control the hazard (customizable list).

Up to 20 hazards may be entered at any point on the diagram. The materials with hazards are highlighted on the diagram in contrasting colors.Critical Control Point (CCP) determination asks you to carefully consider if this point in your system is a CCP.

doHACCP allows you to choose between the decision tree introduced by NACMCF in 1992 and the tree introduced in by NACMCF in 1997. Places where CCP's occur in the flow of materials diagram are highlighted with contrasting colors.Critical Control Point (CCP) planning as prescribed by HACCP is enabled for each of the six planning categories.Copy features throughout

doHACCP allow you to copy individual items (i.e.-a specific hazard), sections of information (i.e.-all CCP planning for a CCP), or the entire plan. You work quickly and efficiently, improving your productivity by reusing previous work.End product planning is enabled as prescribed by NACMCF.

doHACCP allows you to enter and print administrative information. This includes:

  • A HACCP team roster.
  • A statement of management commitment to HACCP.
  • A history of amendments to the HACCP plan.

doHACCP automatically feeds your information into 16 standard HACCP reports. It allows you to print all or parts of the plan using fonts, font sizes, and colors of your choice.

doHACCP on-line help features include:

  • Instruction tabs throughout the software, which give you step-by-step instructions.
  • Video tours of the software that visually show you how to use the software.
  • Expert help on HACCP topics that teach important HACCP concepts and ideas.
  • Help with doHACCP software.

doHACCP has special features for international customers.

  • Choose between Canadian, international, or US protocol.
  • Agriculture Canada forms are included.
  • The Australian symbol set for HACCP may be displayed and printed.
  • The English language version lets you quickly switch to Spanish.

As you evolve your plan, changes to plans can be quickly made and printed.

HACCP plans can be emailed as attachments for use in doHACCP at other locations. This simplifies the communication process within your organization.

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