FIZZ Sensory Panel & Consumer testing

FIZZ is available in four versions that allow the management of sensory sessions and consumer tests.
Base price

FIZZ is available in four versions that allow the management of sensory sessions and consumer tests  in a variety of situations. They differ in their data collection mode:

·          FIZZ Network for Sensory and Consumer Test facilities equipped with networked computers.

·          FIZZ Forms to use paper ballots that can be taken or sent everywhere, and then scanned automatically.

·          FIZZ Portable to conduct computerized tests anywhere, anytime. Mobility for tests to be conducted in your main facility or outside: mall tests, home use tests, tests on production sites or on remote sites.

·          FIZZ Web Powerful tests and answers through your web browser.

All FIZZ solutions include all sensory tests, automatically generate a broad range of associated experimental designs, and propose the corresponding data analysis tools. They have been developed to assist you at every step of your tests and provide the best efficiency for all tasks, from the design to the computation of the results: 

·          Design of the tests Layout of the questionnaires. Identification of the products. Choice of the experimental designs. Sample coding. Choice of the tasters and panel selection.

·          Conduction of the tests Questionnaire presentation. Automated answer collection

·          Computation and data management Statistics, graphical representations. Result reports. Database for the long-term judge and product monitoring.  


Dependable and versatile solutions

Since 1988, over 700 FIZZ systems have been installed worldwide. Our clients are universities, public or private research centers, companies' research and development, quality control or marketing departments, and service providers for sensory analysis and consumer tests.  These different users have various goals and usage types, so the tests can take the most diverse forms. 

FIZZ has been especially developed with this diversity in mind.  For very special needs, FIZZ allows building programmed sessions using its internal macro-language.  FIZZ integrates perfectly in your computing environment by offering many data exchange methods with other packages.




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