GlitterBug® UV Light

New powerful UV lamp to highlight areas not washed after using GlitterBug® Potion or cross contamination with GlitterBug® Potion.
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This lamp uses the latest LED technology to provide very bright UV output. Unit has 5 LEDS enabling it to shine over a broad area, without having to dim surrounding lights.

It is small enough to handle with ease. Unit comes with a wrist lanyard.

Momentary light operation with the end-mounted button, or continuous operation by screwing the end-cap all the way in.

Life of LED lamp is approximately 20,000 hours. LED lights are not replaceable. Lamp runs on 2 Lithium 123 batteries.

LED lamp measures 11.5cm in length and 2.0cm in diameter.


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GlitterBug® UV Light                           Product Code: BRUV5

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