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Powder Flow Analyser

An objective measure of powder, wet mix, and granule flow.
Base price

Stable Micro Systems Ltd. use the test frame and vertical drive system provided by the Texture Analyser test frame, and add the additional rotational drive and software functionality to form the Powder Flow Analyser.

Powder Flow Analysers can be purchased as completely new working systems, or you can take your existing Texture Analyser TAPlus  and attach the Powder Flow Analyser.  In this form the Powder Flow Analyser can be used as a texture analyser and is fully compatible with all existing and future Stable Micro Systems range of probes, fixtures and software.

The innovative patented Controlled Flow* test method enables:

Almost any sample capable of flow (other than low viscosity liquids) to be tested.

Software provides rapid, effective analysis and report generation.

Analysis is usually completed by comparing the force work done, and this provides an accurate, repeatable and sensitive comparison of samples under the flow conditions set up by the Test Settings.

Lift-aeration work done can provide a very accurate measure of cohesion.

The analytical software enables macros to be written that can quantify almost any aspect of the Force and data resulting from the test.

As well as work done (area under curve) many other comparisons are possible including:-

a) Rest - flow transition power consumed (when completing the same test at different speeds).

b) Rate of change (gradients - mixing applications),

c) Linear distance to smooth line comparisons,

d) Many other comparative measures.

*Patents granted and applied