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EnviroMax Plus® Environmental Swab

Ideal environmental swab for the microbiological analysis of surfaces and equipment.
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EnviroMax Plus® is a new large oversized sponge swab system, designed to maximise microbial recovery from floors, drains, walls and large machinery surfaces. The swab is pre-moistened with neutralising buffer and peptone water, neutralizing any residual sanitiser that may be present on the test surface.

Pathogen testing is easy using the EnviroMax Plus® swab, as the primary enrichment broth can be simply added to the tube after sampling has been completed.



Virtual Demonstration - Floor Drain

Virtual Demonstration - Meat Carcass Sample

Virtual Demonstration  - Stainless Steel Surface


Shelf Life

12 Months from date of manufacture

Storage Conditions

Room Temperature

Ordering Details

Pack of 25                           Product Code: PP25-88050PF-50

Pack of 400                         Product Code: PP25-88050PFB