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QD-Loop is an accurate dilution device saving on labour and laboratory equipment costs.
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The QD-Loop is a self contained system enabling easy dilution preparation for laboratory testing. An accurate calibrated loop comes attached to a reservoir where patented Snap Valve™ Technology holds 1.0mL of Butterfields or Maximum Recovery Diluent (MRD) buffer.  The system is available in three dilution formats of 1/10, 1/100 and 1/1000.

Key Features:



  1. Aseptically remove the sampling tip from the tube and place into the sample.
  2. Place the sampler back in to the tube.
  3. Break the Snap-Valve™ and squeeze the bulb to expel all liquid.
  4. Shake the device to mix and dilute the sample.
  5. Pour the content onto a dehydrated plate or streak onto an agar plate for culturing.

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